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Special Collection

Urban densification

Collection launched: 14 Jan 2021

Urban Densification

A number of cities and regions have adopted planning policies dedicated to fostering urban densification, through in-fill development and urban consolidation, in order to prevent a further expansion/sprawl of urban areas and the concomitant artificialization of open/green spaces.

This special collection investigates the specific challenges, impacts and fragilities that urban densification creates in many cities and the different scales where these can be found. It provides a deeper understanding of the complex relations between urban densification, liveability, social practices and economic attractiveness across different spatio-temporal scales. Description, measurement of indicators of density and densification are provided along with considerations of their appropriate uses at different spatial and temporal scales.

As cities increasingly compete to attract or retain businesses, investment and jobs, their liveability and densities are becoming an increasingly critical influence. Accordingly, identifying areas for appropriate densification and deciphering spontaneous processes of densification is of prime importance. This is especially the case for those cities and regions engaged in no-net land take policies.

Guest editor:
Jacques Teller (University of Liège)