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Special Collection

Retrofitting at scale: accelerating capabilities for domestic building stocks

Collection launched: 04 May 2021

Retrofitting at scale: accelerating capabilities for domestic building stocks

What are the capabilities and capacities for delivering retrofit at scale?

This special issue explores the accelerated delivery of domestic energy retrofitting at different scales – national, municipal, neighbourhood and individual sites.

It interrogates what his means for governance, economic / business, organisational, social and technical aspects and their interactions: existing planning capabilities; available building stock data and what more is needed; rural and urban retrofit strategies; the roles, capabilities and capacities of existing and new actors / enterprises in delivering retrofit (e.g. local authorities, urban planners, construction professionals, contractors and subcontractors); how can renovation elements be produced to increase capacity and reduce costs; the economic, social, political, legislative, regulatory aspects of delivery models; what owners or inhabitants require; forms of user engagement; what future proofing is appropriate; what requirements and guarantees will ensure performance in use.

Insights are drawn across different scales and geographical contexts as well as top-down vs bottom-up models. Recommendations are provided for policies and delivery strategies for different scales, stakeholders, inhabitants and disciplines.

Guest editors:
Faye Wade (University of Edinburgh)
Henk Visscher (TU Delft)