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Special Collection

Energy, Emerging Technologies and Gender in Homes

Collection launched: 05 Jul 2022

This special collection explores the relationship between gender, emerging technologies and energy from many perspectives, to help realise more gender-inclusive technologies, buildings, policies, programs and outcomes, and to ensure that gender insights can assist in making energy policy more effective by building on everyday life understandings.

Its aim is to improve the understanding regarding gendered diversity and effects in the development of, and experiences with, emerging technologies of relevance to energy in homes. As well, the collection provides critical advice for key stakeholders such as policy makers, regulators, planners, technologists, designers and housing developers for future gender-inclusive energy technologies and approaches which work in everyday life.

The collection also explores the impact of gender on realising policy, regulatory and building efficiency aspirations. Set against broader political agendas and imaginaries for Big Tech, decarbonisation and energy reform, emerging technologies are often considered key enablers of future visions for low-carbon futures. Yet questions about whose futures are being enabled and imagined, or who is doing the work to enable them, are left unanswered (Aagaard 2021; Jasanoff 2015; Sovacool 2019). Insufficient attention to gender and socio-cultural dynamics may undermine the green and just transition of the energy system.

Guest Editors:
Kirsten Gram-Hanssen (Aalborg U)
Yolande Strengers (Monash U)