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Special Collection

Education and training: mainstreaming zero carbon

Collection launched: 13 Aug 2020

Built environment education is at a critical juncture to ensure that students entering the workforce have the capacities and capabilities to rapidly decarbonise both new construction and the existing building stock. This raises new needs for the present educational and training pedagogies, curricula and practices for planning, design, engineering, operation, construction and facility management professionals as well as vocational workers, building operators, managers, maintainers and clients.

Can education and training be rapidly changed to ensure the creation of zero-carbon built environments? How can this transition be mainstreamed widely and successfully? What positive examples and models can be drawn upon or adapted?

This special issue examines the options for a rapid transition within universities and training colleges to equip students with new knowledge and skills. Solutions involve the coordination of a wide range of issues: educational and training pedagogies, curricular change, governance and policy leadership, changes to the roles of teachers and certification bodies.

Guest editors:
Alison Kwok (University of Oregon)
Fionn Stevenson (University of Sheffield)