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Special Collection

Climate justice: the role of the built environment

Collection launched: 09 Apr 2020

As the built environment is at the heart of the lives of people and communities and is central to climate adaptation and mitigation, this special issue offers a deeper understanding of the justice implications of the built environment in the context of climate change.

It is widely acknowledged that questions of justice are embedded in every aspect of climate change, and that ongoing and future anthropogenic climate change will exacerbate inequalities and inequities worldwide. Buildings, neighbourhoods, communities and urban design have significant roles in exacerbating or alleviating burdens associated with climate change mitigation or adaptation. However, the benefits and burdens of these activities fall unequally within a society and between different societies.

How could stakeholders respond to this challenge and reframe the many built environment activities? What processes do we use to discuss and evaluate the efforts to change or maintain the built environment? The definition, measurement and distribution of climate-related burdens are of fundamental importance for distributive justice in climate policy and adaptation practice. Efforts to design and change the built environment necessarily point to deeper understandings and engagement with procedural justice.

Guest editors:
Anna Mavrogianni (University College London)
Sonja Klinsky (Arizona State University)